About Us

Mobile Telephone System Company (MTSC) is specialized in providing professional telecom services to Telecom Companies, NGOs and Governments with a proven track record of successfully executed projects which are conducted and implemented with the highest quality standards along with delivery of designated outcomes and objective that meets and fulfills our customers’ needs and aspirations of becoming a leader in their field and industry.

MTSC began its commercial launch in 2015 after progressive hard work and preparations which started in 2013 in order to be able to offer state-of-the-art services to its customers. With a professional engineering and technical team having more than 30 years of experience in telecom services and up to 45 staff members, MTSC caters the needs for over 17 esteemed customers in the West Bank, Gaza, Iraq and Egypt through our international partners.

Our approach is based on collecting facts and evidence and transforming this data to effective and high quality products maximizing the expected outcomes. MTSC provide a full understanding of the alignment status and needs of the client and ensure tangible benefits and- in parallel- focus on the implementation of all project components.

 Our Mission

To help build and strengthen the capacity of Palestine in the renewable energy Market to become a leader in the region for its clean energy resources.

Our Vision

To become the employer of choice for Palestinian engineers and technicians and to invest their skills and capacities in Palestine

At MTSC we value our customers and church their needs by insuring our solid value that we live by are comprehended and applied by our staff



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