copies of some of Studer XTM inverter models

  • 2018-12-09

As from September 2018 the Chinese company Fangpusun sells copies of some of Studer XTM inverter models on their website.

The copies are visually identical to Studer products (design and product name) with the exception of the use Fangpusun's company logotype.

These copied inverters, of inferior technological quality, are produced in China and consequently sold at lower prices than Studer products.

These products have absolutely nothing to do with Studer Innotec, and the following points indicate why :

- First and foremost, the very bad overall quality of the copies

        Fangpusun only offers a 2 year-warranty whereas Studer Innotec offers 5 years + extension to 10 years

         - After analysis of a copy bought from Fangpusun, it is evident that the PCB components are of a significantly lower quality than those in Studer inverters. One example is their capacitor quality. This component has a big influence over the product's lifetime and it may be an important factor to why they have a limited product warranty .

    The mechanical assembly of the PCB as well as the soldering of the metallic parts of the casing suggests early and certain failures of Fangpusun's copied inverter-

         Absence of serial numbers to identify the copied inverters-

         No ISO certifications-

With this mailing we wish to inform you of the existence of these products and to affirm that the genuine XTM inverters are still manufactured in Switzerland and that they are the only ones to meet the highest market requirements.

Very soon all Studer products will be labeled with a special hologram sticker to clearly differentiate them from the copies.
You will receive further information in the beginning of 2019 when the new sticker is implemented

It goes without saying that Studer will not provide any service or support for the copied Fanpusun inverters which only bears a visual resemblance to Studer XTM inverters